Tips, Techniques, and Maintenance: Your Gas Char Broiler FAQs Answered

May 14, 2024 | Blog

We are excited to share expert tips and techniques designed to help you maximize the performance and longevity of your EmberGlo Gas Char Broilers. This guide will provide you with essential maintenance advice and innovative cooking strategies to ensure that your equipment delivers exceptional results every time.

Open Hearth Gas Char Broilers

EmberGlo’s eye-catching glowing hearth will reach a temperature of 1600°F, searing your meats to preserve their natural flavor. Only EmberGlo Gas Char Broilers feature the special inshot gas burners that supply broiling heat to a durable, completely ceramic hearth. The ceramic Barbriq transmit searing radiant heat to the meat utilizing its natural juices and creating more natural fuel.

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Open Hearth Gas Char Broilers


How Do I Properly Clean My EmberGlo Gas Char Broiler?

The EmberGlo broiler is a “self-cleaning” unit. At the end of each day, scrape off the build up from the grilling grate and let it fall into the hearth below. Turn the broiler up to maximum heat and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes before turning it off for the night. This will incinerate the grease and particles left over from the days broiling, turning them into ash.

As the ash accumulates it will need to be vacuumed from the broiler’s hearth.  The frequency of maintenance is determined by usage of the broiler. In times of heavy use, it can be necessary to vacuum weekly or monthly with light use.

To fully clean the hearth, you MUST WAIT UNTIL THE BROILER HAS FULLY COOLED. This would preferably be completed the following morning after the broiler has had a chance to cool overnight. Follow these three steps:

  1. Remove the cooking grate and Barbriq.  As you remove the Barbriq it may be necessary to use a scrape or brush off ash particles that are stuck on.
  2. Once the Barbriq has been fully removed, use a vacuum to remove the ash from the bottom of the broiler hearth.
  3. Replace the Barbriq and cooking grate.

NOTE FOR ALL MODEL 41 BROILERS: When replacing the Barbriq, it’s good practice to rotate the back row. The back row of Barbriq on these broilers is exposed to less heat because it is designed as a cooler holding zone for the food. As a result, they may collect more grease when used as such. Rotating the bricks will help them sustain longevity.

How do I light my gas char broiler?

There are two pilots located under the front panel on the right and left-hand sides. Remove the left and right front Barbriq from the front row to reveal pilots.

  1. Make sure that the Main gas supply to the unit is turned ON, but make sure the Manual Burner Valve(s) is in the OFF position.
  2. Turn Manual Pilot Valve ON and use a match or long lighter to ignite the pilots.
  3. Once the pilots are lit turn on the manual burner valves to ignite the main burners. The main burners can be turned to high for 15-20 minutes to heat up properly before cooking.
  4. If the flame fails to light or goes out, turn off the manual burner valves and the pilot valves. Wait for 5 minutes for the gas to clear and Repeat from Step 2.
What if my pilot burner won’t light?

Your pilot may not light because the main gas supply to the unit is not open or turned ON, or the pilot is not getting enough gas. Adjust the gas flow to the pilot by removing the pilot knob to access the adjustment screw that controls the needle valve. Use a small screwdriver to open by turning the screw clockwise to reduce pilot flame size, or counterclockwise to increase the pilot flame size in gradual increments for suitable conditions. Try again to light the broiler. If the pilots still won’t light, the pilot orifice is likely clogged. Call a Service Technician.

How do I set up the hearth/ grate on my gas char broiler?

The support bricks are placed in the hearth first. Follow the diagrams below to match the correct placement for the specific model of grill. The end of the support brick with the cut out will face the wall of the broiler. The cut outs allow for all the burners to be lit by the single pilot on each side. 

Do not place a support brick directly in front of a burner head or it will block the flame. The support bricks should be set up directly between the burner heads. 

The Barbriq is installed next. They rest directly in the grooves of the support bricks. Arrange the Barbriq in symmetrical rows across two support bricks as seen in the diagram. 

Lastly, install the grate. The support rods of the grate run parallel with the Barbriq. First, rest the backside of the grate on the rear ledge of the broiler, then lower it onto the metal support brackets at the front of the unit. Download the Installation Manual.


Why isn’t my gas char broiler HOT?

There are a few reasons the gas broiler may not be hot enough. Here are common things to check: 

  1. The main gas valve isn’t turned up enough. 
  2. A gas line is crimped inhibiting the supply of gas to the unit. Check all supply lines. 
  3. The hearth is set up incorrectly. Refer to FAQ “How do I set up the hearth/grate on my gas char broiler?” 
  4. The Flaretrol switch is used too much and/or all the time. Refer to FAQ “What is Flaretrol and how do I use it?”
  5. The exhaust hood could be pulling too much CFM and removing heat from the unit. 
  6. There is low gas pressure being supplied to the unit. Call service technician.
Why is my gas char broiler too HOT?

The hearth may be set up incorrectly. Refer to FAQ “How do I set up the hearth/ grate on my gas char broiler?” If there is no gas regulator on the unit, that could also be the cause. In that case, you will need to call a service technician.

What is Flaretrol and how do I use it?

Flaretrol is a built-in feature on all EmberGlo Gas Char broilers. By flipping a switch, you can supply a blanket of air to the hearth of the broiler that will supply oxygen for the flames during a grease flare up. The flames will remain low on the hearth and extinguish quickly to not burn and char the food on the cooking grate. If a grease fire starts on the hearth, flip the Flaretrol switch ON to keep your food from burning. NOTE: If The Flaretrol switch is turned ON all the time or too often it can inhibit the broiler from reaching optimal cooking temperature. 

Why doesn’t Flaretrol work on my broiler?

The Flaretrol system is powered by the electrical cord that runs out of the back of the broiler.  If it is not plugged in, you cannot power up the fan. The system can sometimes experience thermal lockout. In this case, the broiler must cool down before the system will operate again.

For extra help, check out the How-To Videos for Gas Char Broilers.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact us! Look for information soon with best practices on using and maintaining our electric char broilers and commercial steamers. Happy Char Broiling!