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United States

Midco International

4140 West Victoria Street
Chicago, IL 60646

Call Lori Barger to schedule appt.
(224) 601-4840

All Gas Char Broilers and Steamers Available

Piedmont Natural Gas

4320 Yancey Road
Charlotte, NC 28217

Call Mark Turner to schedule appt.
(919) 624-8351

Gas Char Broiler Available

Tom Redditt Sales Agency

13980 West Bowles Ave, #202
Littleton, CO 80127

Call Lance Redditt to schedule appt.
(303) 571-5100

Gas Char Broiler and Steamer Available

Sharkey & Associates

270 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Call Blake Sharkey to schedule appt.
(800) 347-9541

Gas Char Broiler Available

Southern California Edison
6050 N Irwindale, Suite E
Irwindale, CA 91702

Electric Charbroiler


GPR Distribution

2295 rue Guenette, Montréal (St-Laurent district)
Québec, H4R 2E9

Call Stephane Rainville to schedule appt.
(514) 246-7773

Gas Char Broiler Available

SP Sales

7032 Wellington Rd, CR124
Guelph – Ermosa, ON N1H 6J3

Call Chaz Phippen to schedule appt.
(519) 568-8080

Gas Char Broiler and Steamer Available