Our History

In 1953, Midco designed an innovative new charcoal-free, gas-fired broiler for the famous Don Roth’s Black Hawk Restaurant in Chicago. In time, industry demand for this exceptional development resulted in the creation of our EmberGlo division, a branch of Midco International dedicated to the needs of the food service industry.

Over the years, the EmberGlo division has expanded to encompass not only gas and electric broilers but a full line of heavy-duty food steamers and commercial kitchen accessories. Although the product line has expanded, the essential elements of EmberGlo’s success have remained the same: quality, reliability, durability and customer service.

What We Have to Offer

Open Hearth Gas Broilers

The fire breathing legend of gas char-broilers feature attractive stainless steel construction. The exclusive Flaretrol ® system is the most effective means of flame control for open hearth broilers. Solid and durable in construction, they also include standard heavy-duty ceramic Barbriq ®.

Electric-Char Broilers

Specifically designed to offer you more useable broiling space than any other comparable electric broiler, raised cast iron ribs with recessed heating elements evenly “char-brand” the foods surface. These broilers also feature easy clean, stainless steel cabinets and infinite temperature controls for maximum efficiency.

Food Steamers

EmberGlo’s extensive line of food steamers helps food service professionals increase their operating efficiency while offering a greater variety of menu items. With a wide variety of features and innovative designs, our steamers will meet many of our restaurant needs for faster, more efficient food preparation.

EmberGlo Equipment Accessories

EmberGlo offers a unique line of durable stainless steel accessories to enhance the productivity of our steamers and broilers.