Steaming Toward Efficiency and Quality in Healthcare Foodservice

Feb 7, 2024 | Blog

In the healthcare industry nutrition plays an important role in patient care and recovery. The use of commercial steamers in such facilities is not just about cooking in bulk; they provide a method for transport and delivery and a means to uplift the overall dining experience of patients.

Preserving Nutrients & Food Quality

One of the benefits of using steamers in healthcare settings is their ability to preserve nutrients. Steaming is a gentle cooking method that keeps a high level of vitamins and minerals intact, which is crucial for older populations and those recovering from illnesses in long-term care facilities, hospice, and acute care in hospitals. Unlike boiling or frying, steaming retains the natural flavors and colors of food, making meals more appealing to people who may have decreased appetites or specific dietary needs.

Healthcare Foodservice

Steamers also ensure that food is cooked evenly, maintaining a uniform quality and temperature. This is especially important when preparing special diets that require precise cooking, such as soft or pureed foods for residents with swallowing difficulties. Also, if food needs to be reheated steamers are a better option than microwaving, which can change the texture of food, and can even create a dangerous situation for those with swallowing issues by drying out the edges of the food.

Steamers can be used to prepare many foods — from vegetables and rice to meats and fish, allowing for diverse menu options.

Enhanced Meal Preparation, Transport, and Delivery

One of the challenges in long-term care facilities and hospitals is the transport and delivery of meals to various residents while maintaining temperature and quality. Commercial steamers come to the rescue here!

Some EmberGlo customers have told us that they use an ES5 Series Steamer in the kitchen and then have AR Series Steamers located at various stations close to the patient floors to reheat meals if necessary. The ES5 Series Steamers are available with self-contained water pans or with direct hookups for a constant water supply and will hold 9 – 9 3/8” plates. The automatic timer models feature a main control timer that can be set for any cooking time, automatically injecting steam at 20-second intervals. 

EmberGlo’s AR Series Steamers offer a front drawer opening and self-contained water supply, making them completely portable and able to fit under most counters or shelves, increasing your workspace. The closed generator increases productivity by cutting down cooking time. AR Series Steamers will hold up to 11 1/2″ plates.

Our steamers are transforming the way meals are prepared and served in healthcare facilities. By ensuring nutrient preservation, consistent quality, and efficient meal transport, steamers enhance the operational aspects of meal prep and delivery, and positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients.

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