Three Reasons You Should Visit an EmberGlo Test Kitchen

Sep 27, 2023 | Blog

If you are looking for dependable gas or electric char broilers or commercial steamers to make your kitchen run more smoothly, here are three reasons why an EmberGlo Test Kitchen is where you should be heading.

Feel the Quality, See the Precision, Experience the Durability

Looking at photos and spec sheets online is not sufficient when purchasing food service equipment. When you visit a Test Kitchen, you can see and feel the quality of our all-ceramic char broilers’ rugged construction, aimed at handling the hustle and bustle of busy kitchens. But it’s not just about the aesthetics. The EmberGlo char broilers are designed with precision. From uniform heat distribution and an exclusive Flaretrol system to control flame flareups to the ease of cleaning, every feature is intended to make your job easier. These machines are built to last, to endure, and to outperform. In an EmberGlo test kitchen, you’ll see these elements up close and personal.

Explore Custom Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Are you looking to diversify your menu with different cooking techniques? Or maybe you want to optimize your kitchen’s limited space without compromising quality? At EmberGlo Test Kitchens, you can test various setups and equipment configurations. Use this chance to perform your own ‘taste tests,’ just like our satisfied customers have done, to find the ideal culinary solutions for your needs.

Make Informed Decisions

When you visit an EmberGlo Test Kitchen, you’re not just observing but participating. This immersive experience ensures that you’re making a well-informed decision, investing in char broilers and steamers that will meet and exceed your expectations, driving your kitchen’s success for years.

GLOwing Customer Review

A potential customer had a two-fold challenge he was trying to solve in his restaurant: he was tired of the extensive effort required to maintain wood-fired char broilers during busy shifts and needed something versatile enough to handle the complex needs of cooking wild game. After thoroughly researching options, he utilized an EmberGlo test kitchen to perform his own tests.

He was sold after visiting one of our test kitchens and putting one of our gas char broilers through the paces. Today, he calls it the ‘workhorse’ of his kitchen, flawlessly handling everything from pre-cooked sous-vide meats to delicate wild game.

Experience the EmberGlo difference for yourself. Locate your closest test kitchen and schedule an appointment!